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Expand your knowledge, learn a new skill,
or improve your fitness.

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Special Interest Programs

Goat Yoga, Tae Kwon Do, Stick Fighting, Karate, Kali, Arts & Crafts, Dance, Music, First Aid, Defensive Driving, Ping Pong, Essential Oils, Photography and more.

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Botanical Gardens

Youth Programs, Adult Gardening, Scouting Badges and Master Composter Programs


iPhone, Google, You Tube, Twitter, Making Movies, Apps and More.

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Fitness Classes/Personal Training

Don’t wait to get in shape. We offer fitness classes for everyone.

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Grapevine Basketball and Volleyball

Sign up for Basketball and Volleyball at our Fieldhouse USA Location Today!

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Softball and Kickball

Grapevine offers adult leagues for Kickball and Softball for everyone and all skill levels, Sunday-Friday

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Indoor Volleyball

Whether you are looking to play “For Fun” or for a little competition, check out our Wednesday or Thursday volleyball leagues

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Sand Volleyball

When the weather warms up, volleyball moves to the sand!

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Flag Football

Men’s 8 on 8 Flag Football and Men’s 4 on 4 Flag Football.

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Tennis Classes

Adult tennis classes offered for all skill levels.

Grapevine Outdoors
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Explore Bowhunting

Expand your skills and become the best bowhunter in the woods.

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Introduction to Fly Fishing

Become a seasoned fly fisherman.